Transportes Montes Orozco

Transportes Orozco was first registered as a firm in 1994, although business activities started a few years earlier lead by its founder Mr. Ricardo Montes.

Main areas of business have always been hazardous freight services. Prior to the setting up of the Ltd. Corporation small tonnage industrial vehicles were used for the transport of goods. Once the Ltd. Corporation was set up a large tonnage tanker was acquired in order to improve our services.

As a result, our core areas of business are still hazardous freight services using mobile tankers, especially Class 8 goods.

Following our clients´ growing needs for freight services, we expanded our activities into hazardous freight container transport. This area of business has experienced a dramatic growth over the years, and nowadays we are also engaged in pulverised freight services. For the past 4 years we have been working in the general freight container transport services, although we also keep offering mobile tankers hazardous freight services.

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